First and foremost, welcome to my blog! I’m Adam Chamberlain a 22 year old Sign maker living with my girlfriend and daughter in the UK. I have decided that I would like to dive into the world of journalism and see where it takes me! Please follow me on my journey and read and share all you can!



  1. newsfortherevolution · February 19, 2015

    Citizen journalism is the way of the future. Our corporate media has become so thoroughly corrupted, that it’s now nothing more than a mouth piece government and elite propaganda. Keep fighting the good fight! All the best to you and your family

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  2. takingthemaskoff · February 20, 2015

    I think you are doing an important thing here. I like what you write about. The mainstream media is corrupt so I believe on people like yourself are essential to spread the truth.


    • adamjameschamberlain · February 20, 2015

      Thank you. I aim to get stuff out there we don’t generally get to hear about!
      Thanks for following me, please feature my blog on yours and your Facebook page, you have a huge following and it will do me the world of good.
      Thanks so much

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      • takingthemaskoff · February 20, 2015

        My following has come as a surprise to me as well. I started in July and have no writing experience. I will do what I can. I am working on something to add the blogs that are important for people to see

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      • adamjameschamberlain · February 20, 2015

        Thanks. What method did you use in gaining your following?

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      • takingthemaskoff · February 20, 2015

        That is hard to explain as that was not my goal. I was just trying to put my thoughts out there. What I think it is, is having original content that I’d not out there. You know, making the unknown known. Having good stuff that’s original. You have both of these. Then not doing a post every day, giving time for them to be seen and conversations to be had. With all the content out the, pictures that get attention helps. Writing from the heart, not for what will get you followers,being pure. This us just me guessing. Sliced bread was around for over 10 years before it became big. Once wonder bread learned how to market it, then it took off. So ideas alone won’t do it. I think your on to something here.

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      • takingthemaskoff · February 20, 2015

        I forgot to mention, I had one if my first posts picked up by National media, then two others as well. That helped. Places will pick up your writing if you shoe them it is there and it gets their attention. I wrote one st
        After Robin Williams died that was picked up by 3 places. So marketing your articles to these places helps

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